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Innovative Uses of Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers Beyond Traditional Public Spaces

Surface disinfectant wipes can help reduce the spread of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. They can also be used to sanitize hands.

Wipes are available in a variety of formats that provide convenient dispensing options. Many feature a heavy-weighted base to add stability and support. Some models also integrate a trash receptacle.

Wall-Mounted Dispensers

Incorporate a wall-mounted sanitizing wipe dispenser in your restroom for a sleek, modern look. These versatile sanitary solutions subtly enhance the aesthetic of any space while offering superior hygiene, freeing up valuable counter and sink areas.

Wall-mounted dispensers make it easy to keep sanitizing wipes close at hand, encouraging non-custodial workers to perform quick, on-the-spot cleaning and reduce germs’ spread. They also encourage people to wash their hands before and after breaks, improving overall hygiene in your establishment.

Various models are available, from a manual soap dispenser to an automatic sanitizer dispenser that delivers just the right amount of product each time. These touchless dispensers can be used with either foam or liquid hand sanitizer refills, simplifying inventory management and purchase decisions.

Most of these dispensers have a neutral tone that blends easily into any design aesthetic and feature an open top with an accessible button for one-handed use. They can easily use 35-count and 75-80-count disinfecting wipe containers. They have a heavy-weighted base for added stability and may feature an optional waste receptacle to keep the room cleaner.

Cleaning Wipe Bundles

Whether at a gym, school, or office, public restrooms can be germ “hot spots” threatening the health of patrons and employees. High foot traffic and varying restroom etiquette make maintaining hygienic conditions in these spaces challenging. Providing easy access to cleaning wipes empowers patrons to help keep the cleanliness of shared areas, encouraging healthy and safe habits.

Upgrade your facility with a premium metal wall-mounted dispenser featuring cleaning and sanitizing products like plant-based wipes, HOCL disinfectants, urinal deodorizers, trash can liners, and hand sanitizers. This bundle provides the perfect solution for any facility, promoting healthy hygiene and enhancing the confidence and peace of mind of every patron who utilizes your facility.

This free-standing wipe dispenser and hand sanitizer station’s sleek design complements any facility while offering all-in-one convenience for guests. Guests can dispense hand sanitizer with a button and a pull on the bottom of the unit to restock the dispenser with new cleaning wipes. Used wipes are disposed of in the touchless attached waste receptacle. The flat top quickly lifts off to refill the dispenser, and the body of the base section can also be lifted to expose a 3-gallon plastic trash receptacle for waste disposal.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Consider a wall-mounted dispenser when you need to dispense hand sanitizer in your facility. These are typically automatic, meaning that when hands are placed within the sensor’s range, the dispenser activates and dispenses a measured amount of sanitizer. This hands-free technology plays a vital role in reducing the number of viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, and germs that people touch, preventing their spread.

Most wall-mounted dispensers are made of a durable metal that is both corrosion-resistant and attractive. Some are designed to blend in with the surrounding decor, while others are more discreet and streamlined to complement modern design aesthetics.

These ADA-compliant dispensers allow single-handed operation when properly installed at mandated height and reach standards. They also feature a large, high-capacity reservoir to pour your gel sanitizer and have a pre-measured dispensing volume that ensures fewer pumps are required to dispense an adequate amount of product.

Many of these sanitizer dispensers can be locked to prevent theft or vandalism and include an odor-eliminating charcoal filter for improved indoor air quality. They can be equipped to dispense foam or gel sanitizer and various cleaning wipes types. Some models allow auxiliary wipe rolls to be stored underneath the active roll for quick reloading. Some units are stocked with attractive, permanently baked-on logos and messages to encourage further use and promote your brand.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Proper hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. While soap and water are vital for cleaning hands, proper hand drying is also essential. Paper towel dispensers help encourage sanitary habits and provide users convenient access to hygienic hand towels.

Paper towel dispensers come in many forms. A handle operates some, others are performed automatically using a motion sensor, and some use innovative dispensing technology that delivers precut towels to users hands-free, reducing usage, waste, and potential touchpoints to transfer germs. Some offer a setting that helps to extend battery life by turning on and off based on user traffic.

Consider your facility’s restroom traffic volume to determine the type of paper towel dispenser that is most suitable. High-traffic spaces benefit from center-pull dispensers that dispense fixed portions to reduce waste. They can accommodate large rolls for high capacity and have transparent covers to easily monitor inventory levels, eliminating the need for maintenance staff to check supply levels manually.

For lower-traffic spaces, rotary crank dispensers are a great option. They allow users to crank out the paper they need for cleanups and hand drying in smaller restrooms or breakrooms. Some rotary crank models are designed with anti-ligature features that withstand damage and prevent vandalism or suicide in behavioral and mental health facilities.

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