Terms and conditions


By accepting these terms and conditions, and upon confirmation of the customer’s order, a
written and binding agreement is entered between the customer and Liafistudio.com. Once an
order is completed on Liafistudio.com, the customer will automatically receive a confirmation of
the purchase. In case of errors or omissions in the order, Liafistudio.com reserves the right NOT
to send the product to the customer, and thus cancel the order.
Liafistudio.com accepts Dankort, VISA/Dankort, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and Paypal.
If payment is by debit or credit card, the customer must enter all the necessary information on the
card and.
Liafistudio.com does not store customer credit card information after completing the transaction.
If payment is through PayPal, the customer can safely transfer money for the transaction with
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and an encrypted connection. All prices include Danish VAT. Prices
are without shipping or other services that Liafistudio.com may offer.  Liafistudio.com  reserves the
right to change prices at any time. On Liafistudio.com prices are shown in the following
Danish Kroner (DKK
*Please note that local import charges (customs duty, sales tax) may occur depending on your
region and country. These charges are at your own expense.
Please note that local import duties vary by country and region. These taxes are to be paid by the
Liafistudio.com can send for 800 USD free of taxes and duty per shipment due to the increase
in U.S. de minimis.

The customer may cancel her/his purchase by giving unambiguous notice within 14 calendar
days from the date of receiving the item. The cancellation deadline is met if the customer sends
the notice before the expiry of the deadline. The item must be shipped without undue delay and
no later than 14 days from the date of dispatch.
Standard cancellation form:
(this form is filled in and returned only if the cancellation right is applied)

– To Liafi Studio Studiestræde 18, st,tv 1455 Copenhagen K, liafi.studio@gmail.com :
– I/we hereby declare that I/we (*) wish to make the cancellation right applicable to my/our (*)
purchase agreement for the following goods (*) / delivery of the following services (*)
– Order number
– Ordered at (*) / received at (*)
– Customer’s name (Customers’ name)
– Customer’s address (Customers’ address)
– Customer’s signature (Customers’ signature) (only if the content of the form is communicated
on paper)
– Date
Liafistudio.com will reject all returns that do not meet the above requirements Please note that
the customer must retain the receipt of the return shipment until the product is received and
refunded by Liafistudio.com.
By using the right of withdrawal, reasonable costs will also be refunded. The total amount is
refunded without undue delay and no later than 14 days from receipt of notice of withdrawal.
However, Liafistudio.com may withhold the refund until the item has been received or until the
customer has submitted documentation for returning the item, whichever is the earliest.
An item can be returned, regardless of its use. The customer, however, is liable for any
deterioration of the value of the product due to other handling than is necessary to determine the
nature, characteristics and manner of the product. If the customer has handled the product
differently than what is necessary to test the product in a general way and the value of the
product, as a result, is deteriorated, Liafistudio.com will deduct an amount corresponding to the
No warranty on secondhand
Liafistudio.com sends packages with Post nord and Dao in Denmark and to all their international
destinations. Exceptions can be made. All shipments are insured and Track & Trace information
is e-mailed to the customer upon dispatch from Liafistudio.com
Shipping times for regular service in Europe are 1-4 business days and as a regular service
outside Europe 2-5 days Liafistudio.com accepts no responsibility for delays in customs
processes outside the EU. Shipping times are a guide.
Shipping costs vary from country to country. The prices are shown on Liafistudio.com and are
added to the order when a customer places an order. Customer Service is at the customer’s
disposal to answer any questions regarding shipping costs onliafi.studio@gmail.com and +45
2169 2061.
Liafistudio.com treats customer information with the utmost respect and integrity. No information
will be disclosed to third parties.

Denmark at:
Studiestræde 18 st.tv
1455 københavn k
Cvr: 35909923
Telephone: +45 2169 2061
Email: liafi.studio@gmail.com